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An All-Star Team,
Ready To Play For You

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"Best Conversion Advertising Specialists"
- APAC Insider, 2022
"Top 5, Excellence in Programmatic Marketing"
"Top 10, Excellence in eCommerce Marketing"

- Marketing Excellence Awards, 2021

Marketing That Sells More

Clever Creatives, Copy that Sells,
Delivered to People Who Buy.

At Damnzai, everything we do has remained centered on our core mission:

"To help our clients sell more and work less."

The first part is at the core of what we do: We aim to help our clients sell more. And so everything we offer (from our ideation to creatives to copywriting and everything else) is primarily conversion-driven, designed to fuel growth and produce results.

The second part is just as important: to help our clients work less. That's why we've designed our processes and client service experience to be neat, minimalistic, and clean. Working
 with an agency shouldn't feel like running on a treadmill. You'll love how we take co-ownership of your marketing goals so you can achieve more and work less!


Marketing That Delivers



We don't believe in vague marketing. Damnzai focuses on building targeted campaigns that have a defined goal and call-to-action.

We're not about posting pictures and captions on social media, "building exposure" and waiting for customers to walk in. That can feel a little like watching paint dry, and we're just not that kind of agency!



We're not about small marginal growth, or trickles of traffic here and there.


We go for significant wins for our clients, and clear, attributable results.

Expect powerful streams of new customers and a growth that will make ah gong proud! 




100% measurable outcomes! You get a monthly detailed report on every outcome of your marketing spend.

You'll get to see exactly what's your return on marketing, the unique reach, the conversion ratios and the attributable sales. 


It's all very tangible, nothing abstract, nothing vague.


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Some agencies will spend 30 days on onboarding, and tell you it takes 6 months to see results. Onboarding takes two (focused) hours with us. 

We'll get your campaigns up and running in as quickly as 14-21 days. And our clients usually see leads start coming in as little as 48 hours.

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You're In Good Company

We work with brands of different shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common:
They're all pretty awesome! 😄 
We wouldn't be able to market well for a product/service we couldn't see ourselves using.
We believe in the brands we market for, and we market for the brands we believe in.


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How We Can Help




Ad Creatives

The average human attention span is just 7 seconds! Our designers and creatives will craft the perfect ad that will capture your audiences' attention and intrigue them to want to find out more!

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Laser-Targeted Audiences

We use big data and a programmatic approach to get your message delivered to specific, targeted audiences with laser-like precision by age, gender, demographics, specific interests and behavioral trends.

Call-To-Action Marketing.png

Call-To-Action Marketing

We don't believe in vague marketing. We focus on building campaigns where there is a defined goal and call-to-action. Expect to see a clear spike in traffic coming in, enquiries, new customers, signups, sales!



Have a great message, or product or service but can't seem to find the right words? Let our copywriters weave their magic in! See your brand story and ideas come to life in a way that is imaginative and exciting, turning cold prospects into interested customers! 



What if someone interacts with your website or ads, but doesn't buy immediately? Don't let them get away! Our retargeting strategy tracks and recaptures any lost prospects with a series of follow-up media to turn them back into piping hot leads!

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Deep Strategic

While most agencies may look only at your top-of-funnel media buy, we go DEEP, looking at every stage of the customer journey, offering you unique data, insights, and recommendations. We want to ensure that beyond clicks, your raw traffic is converting into what really matters: real customers and growth.

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